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Our experience at Diner En Blanc Auckland 2017

On Saturday night our table leaders Gill, Christine and myself attended Diner En Blanc Auckland.
We didn’t sit together although we were at the same departure point so often bumped into each other.

We arrived at the New Market departure point to a sea of people dressed in white, there was so much excitement buzzing around.

After finding our bus leader we waited for a while for our buses to arrive.
We loaded our tables in the bus storage and filled into the bus to make our way to the destination.

After about 10mins we arrived at Monte Cecelia Park in Hillsborough which is on a hill with a historic homestead on the site.

We exited the bus, collected our tables and chairs and waited with our group while groups where taken onto the site one by one.
This time gave us a chance to get in the order we wanted to sit and meet some of the people we would be sitting with, we plonked ourselves right in the middle of two groups who we shared stories and food with through the night.

We continued into the event along a Stoney path which required some talent in our heels while carrying our tables and chairs. Some people had strapped there things to a small fold down trolley which was a great idea.

Once we were in place we set to work setting up our tables, we were lucky enough to be seated next to a group of professional caterers (attached Image)that put together the most amazing grazing table at lighting speed.

From there the night unfolded with great music, wine, food, company and plenty of dancing.
We packed up all our things and made our departure around 10.30pm in a taxi after returning our tables to the hire company who were onsite.

I can’t even begin to explain how much fun it was to be a part of an event like this and how excited we are to be bringing this experience to the Bay of Plenty. If you were even considering attending now is the time! Register today and we will get an invite to you - REGISTER HERE


My Tips:

  • We used white paper gift bags to carry our food and table décor in which also doubled as rubbish bags at the end of the night
  • Scarfs made great sun cover and also extra warmth as the night cooled off
  • Don’t forget a lighter for to light your sparkler
  • Once you know where the venue is let your transport home know
  • Make new friends! We enjoyed being amongst strangers and chatting to them. Everyone was so friendly and there to have a great time
  • Make sure your phones on full charge and take a charge pack! Both of our phones died trying to capture the magic.
  • Trolleys are helpful but need to be small so they can be beside or under your table. Our table legs where attached with elastic which made it really easy to carry. 

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